Lithium Ion Batteries

Li-lon For Energy Storage Batterys

Types of Li-Ion chemistries used Li-Ion / Li-Ion Polymer/ Li-Fep04/ Cylindrical / pouch /prismatictype cells

Battery And Charger Go Together Like Horse And Carriage

Nowhere else does an advanced charger play a larger role than in a harsh environment. Ultrarfast charging, keeping the battery at prolonged high charging voltage and exposure to elevated temperatures lowers the service life. Charging below freezing further induces a cell imbalance, stresses the can be mitigated with a well-designed charger.

Dyna builds batteries that include SOC-readout. SMBus and EMS. These custom features work in unison with our chargers to receive the full benefit.

Designing a good pack begins with the selection of cells. Low-cost cells serve mainly consumer goods. They are economically priced but have relatively short lifespan. High capacity cells offer increased runtimes but the load current is limited. Industrial cells deliver high current but offer lower capacity and are more expensive.

Li ion Batteries for 2Wheeler 3 Wheeler
enerton smf batteries

Li-ion For Renewable Energy

Dyna specializes in the design and manufacture of battery packs and chargers. Combining these two capabilities enables us to provide you with a one-stop solution. The most important benefit is matching battery and charger to improve battery performance and extend service life, an improvement that cannot be realized with separate designs.

Dyna has been providing battery charging and diagnostic systems since 1981. The driving force behind our success is a broad knowledge in electrical storage systems, innovative designs, superior product quality, first-class customer support and competitive pricing.

Customers turn to Dyna for advice to improve battery reliability and extend service life. We would also delighted to hear about your battery enquiries .

To lower stress level when charging batteries, a charger should include these features

  • The speed by which a battery can safely be fast charged is governed by temperature.
  • Ultra-fast charging should only be applied at amoderate temperature.
  • The charger should limit the time the cell stays at elevated voltage.
  • Dyna considers these requirements when designing industrial chargers.


  • UPS. Solar Lights
  • Drones
  • Robotics
  • 2 W EV
  • 3 W EV
  • Medical Respirators
  • Elevators
  • Power Tools
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Access Control Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems

Why Li-Ion?

  • Li-ion For Renewable Energy
  • The Change To Li-ion Is Faster Than The Advancement Of The Internet
  • Li-ion is less expensive per cycle with longer life than
    lead acid
  • No sulfation problem if battery is not fully charged
  • Potential for rapid charging solutions
  • Although higher in initial purchase price, the cost per cycle of Li-ion is cheaper than lead acid. Li-ion is superior to lead acid in size, weight and service life, reducing shipping cost.

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