FCBC / SMPS Power Plant
Model DY 4350 (48V/25A)

MODEL DY 4350 is a Modular Power System, which uses 4 nos. Hot-Pluggable DY 350 Rectifier Modules of 350Watts.


  • Modular Systems, easy for Maintenance
  • Hot Plug-In Modules
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Active Current Sharing
  • Potential Free Contacts for Remote Fault Annunciation
  • Input High Voltage Disconnect (HVD) & Battery Low Voltage Disconnect(LVD)
  • Analog Controller
Input Specifications
Nominal Voltage230V AC, 50Hz 1 φ
Voltage Range150 – 275V AC
Frequency47 – 53 Hz
Input Current12A
Input Isolation (L&N)AC FUSES
Efficiency88% (TYP.)
Dielectric Strength1.5KV AC (I/p TO O/P AND CASE)
Output Specifications
Nominal Voltage48V
Output Voltage Span Adj.48V - 56V
Output Current25A
Net Regulation± 0.5V
Ripple + Noise< 300mV
Psophometric< 4mV RMS
Audible Noise<50dBA
Battery Current Limit0.1AH of Battery
Battery ProtectionLVD (42-43v)

Monitoring Led Display

LED’s Provided For :
AC FailRed
Module FailRed
AC On Battery DischargeRed
Battery ReverseRed
Battery LowRed
Audio AlarmBuzzer

Monitoring Display

Digital Meter Provided, for

  • DC Volts
  • DC AMPS Load & Battery
Weight15 Kg.
Dimensions380 (H) x 483 (W) x 290 (D) mm
EnclosureIP-20, CRC Sheet, Powder coated Case, 19” Rack
Input & outputMounting
ConnectionSTUD Terminals
Operating Temperature0º to 50º C
Storage Temperature-10º C to +70º C
Humidity< 95% RH

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