We can supply Li-ion Batteries Packs for various different applications, both for Mobility and Energy Storage

Dyna specialises in the design and manufacture of battery packs and chargers. Combining these two capabilities enables us to provide you with a one-stop solution. The most important benefit is matching battery and charger to improve the battery performance and extend service life, an improvement that cannot be realized with separate design.

Why to Buy Lithium?

  • Super Fast Charging– 2 Hours Fast Charging – 4 Hours
  • get Battery Life & Warranty upto 38 months
  • Protection from Overcharging Short Circuit 
  • Light Weight
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Easily Swappable  
  • IOT Enabled
Why to Buy Lithium

Lithium Ion & LifePo4 Batteries for 2W/3W

lion batteries

Li-Ion Battery

ENERTRON Li-ion EVL Series are an excellent long- life energy source for your E-bike.The EVL Series Battery pack comes with an Ergonomic compact design. The Battery pack is designed with high quality NMC cells with both options of Conventional and SMART BMS.

ENERTRON Li-ion EVL Series are available in various configurations from 1.2 kWh upto 2.5 kWh. The Battery pack not only charges much faster but also provides excellent driving range. Our users can now say goodbye to all the range anxiety that they had and always comfortably make it to their destination. This is what makes the EVL Series a definite
choice for all E-bikes.

Professional Li-Ion & LifePo4 Battery Solution Provider

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Li-Ion & LiFePo4
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Customized Battery
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