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ENERTRON – ET Series VRLA Batteries are High-Performance Next-Gen Batteries specially designed for various Mission Critical applications.

The ET Series VRLA Batteries have improved charging efficiency and are more tolerant to PSOS and Deep Discharge recovery hence reducing the overall cost of ownership with its enhanced Cycle Life.

ENERTRON- ET Series VRLA is suitable for both Standby and Cyclic applications and along with its vast list of features and advantages make it every customer’s First Choice.


  • Maintenance free(no water topping-up required).
    No free acid(Non-spillable battery).
  • Low self-discharge rate, lower than 3% capacity loss per month.
  • Strong grid and specially designed active material.
  • Can be used in any orientation(excluding used inverted).
  • Absorbent Glass Mat technology for efficient gas recombination.

Benefits of Enertron Batteries

  • An experienced international team constantly monitors quality control & ensures full life of battery.
  • A vast basket of products available for various applications.
  • A fully vertically integrated energy storage solution company equipped to provide specially designed small sized, high capacity stable batteries with a long shelf life & service life.
  • Strict Compliance of all products with JIS & IEC standards.
  • State of the art lithium ion battery assembly line.
  • Technically sound FAE (field application team) of engineers to help our customers & provide them with correct battery sizing.
  • In house battery charging & battery servicing & revival technology to give our customers the best value for their money.
  • More than 15 years of experience in imports to ensure on time deliveries combined with technical & commercial expertise to provide our customers the right product at the right price.
  • PAN India presence through an excellent network.
Nominal Capacity (Ah)HourDimensions in MMWeightTerminal
ET 4.5-664.52070481001060.68F1A
ET 1.2-12121.220974353560.51F0 / F1E
ET 1.3-12121.320974553560.58F0 / F1E
ET 2.2-12122.2201783561670.91F0 / F1C
ET 4.5-12123.3201346761671.27F1E
ET 5-12124.52090701001061.38F1C
ET 3.3-121252090701001061.68F2C
ET 7.5-12127.52015165941002.19F2F
ET 12-1212122015198961003.28F2F

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