DY-180s Series

DY 180S


  • Single chip microcomputer control. Single chip microcomputer control, FuII automatic transition of CC, CV and Float/cut off With the shutdown of any charge meet the demand curve
  • Precise limit of voltage & current, guarantee fully charged and avoid over charge
  • Protections: over current, over voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity
  • Two LED indica tors, aluminium, robust, elegant and reliable
  • CE, KC, CB, Rohs
  • Built-in digital control output
  • Patent Pending, 2-year Warranty

Note: Cut-off point for Li battery is 5% of CC, and it can be setted between 3- 10%.

Product Series List

No.Nominal Output VoltageCVCCTransition/cut-off CurrentNet Weight (kg)
Lead AcidLiPoLiFeP04ALead AcidLi
336V44. V42.0V43.8V40.80.40.9

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